Zawya- November 12, 2014 -Dubai Municipality selects averda for first electronic waste service in the Emirate

Dubai - averda, the largest waste management company in the Middle East and North Africa, held the official launch of Dubai's first electronic waste (e-waste) collection service in partnership with Dubai Municipality during "Clean Up the World" campaign on 10 November. The first e-waste bin is now located at Al Etihad Mall in Muhaisna. Other e-waste bins will be strategically distributed around Dubai for public use. The sustainable recycling programme helps further the city's goals in preserving the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, minimizing the hazardous environmental impacts of e-waste and assisting in the recovery of valuable material.
Helping to eliminate the negative environmental effects of e-waste like air pollution and toxic emissions, averda's specialised teams maximise the value of exchanged material through a comprehensive segregation process, whereby material is dismantled and channelled for further processing.


"Electronics like laptops and smartphones have limited lifespans, and as these products age, we are starting to see an increase in e-waste and the need for a specialized solution to manage it," said Jeroen Vincent, chief operating officer of the GCC for averda. "Adapting to these evolving circumstances can only be done through creativity and a common purpose, in this case an understanding of the immense benefits of transforming waste. Providing e-waste services for the first time in Dubai is a huge milestone as we continue to work with the city to ensure a green future for generations to come."


To effectively service the citizens of Dubai, the new 'smart' e-waste bin utilises a single stream collection method, allowing averda to collect different types of e-waste while still implementing a safe collection method. They also have sensors installed on them to alert averda teams when they are full and need to be emptied.


Director General of Dubai Municipality Engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah stated: "We are delighted to partner with averda in launching the first e-waste collection service in Dubai. averda shares our strategic vision to achieve excellence through integrated and sustainable waste. This is part of our wider environmental initiative tackling the harmful effects of electronic waste in landfills."


averda has an ongoing partnership with Dubai Municipality in its efforts to become a green city, most recently through the 'My City, My Environment' initiative. As part of the initiative, averda provides approximately 7,000 general waste and other recyclables bins for homes in the Al Barsha 2 and Al Barsha 3 residential areas, in addition to handling manual and mechanical community cleaning throughout the areas assigned to it.


averda aims to help increase awareness and understanding of environmental best practices in the communities it operates within in an effort to foster a more responsible generation for the future.