October 2012 - Internet Banking and Online Shopping Experience – Revolutionized

Today, at the annual Growthgate Capital Corporation luncheon in Dubai, Iris Guard announced there lease of its latest iris recognition imager – the Eye Sign®. The Eye Sign® camera is tightly integrated into the award winning Eye Bank® solution for traditional banking channels such as Teller and ATM services, in addition to the pioneering internet banking and online shopping functionality. Over the next six months, the Eye Bank® device will be deployed at all banks running the Iris Guard Eye Bank® solution, in the region and beyond. Over 77% of our bank customers have indicated they will adopt the affordable Eye Sign® unit for online services, particularly at internet online stores, government and online banking applications. This represents over half a million bank customers in the immediate future. In banking services, iris recognition is the most advanced consumer authentication technology providing fast, reliable and trusted identity services. The end-to-end identity solution reduces fraud and increases efficiency by eliminating the need for traditional online User IDs and passwords.(IPSOS -Market Research – 2011)