Ongoing monitoring of portfolio companies

Following our investment in a platform/target company, we move to the monitoring and implementation mode of a 'Vital Flow Chart', under the supervision of the Portfolio Management Team and in coordination with our consultants. This is a plan that focuses on the most important matters and issues facing the now ‘portfolio company’ and which has to be addressed in the first 100 days of the investment.

There are several methods of monitoring the performance and assessing fair value of investments in portfolio companies, which may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Assessment of success in adhering to the business plan and compliance with financial covenants;
  • Periodic and regular contact with a portfolio company’s management and, if appropriate, the other shareholders, to discuss financial conditions, capital requirements and milestones;
  • Relevant benchmark comparisons to other companies in same sector/industry;
  • Vigilant attendance and active participation in portfolio companies’ boards and ExCom meetings;
  • Review of periodic (monthly, quarterly) financial data, prepared budgets and variations thereof, and updated versions of the business plan