Growthgate Capital’s advantages repose on its distinct ‘buy And Build’ strategy, its focus on mid-sized platform/target companies, and its corporate vs. fund-like structure that enhances shareholders’ rights and heightens management’s accountability.


Growthgate Capital is entrusted with deals generation, conducting bolt-on acquisitions, working closely with owners-managers of portfolio companies, to enhance operations and accelerate growth, providing access to new markets, and fostering strategic ventures, all with the single objective of generating superior returns to shareholders from the realization of investments through exit sales.


Growthgate Capital’s relationship with its portfolio companies is premised on a long-term approach. Growthgate Capital's professionals, along with industry savvy shareholders, act as proactive members on the boards of the various portfolio companies, while being fully cognizant that corporate executives need a healthy margin of operational autonomy. We want the managers of our portfolio companies to implement and own the results of their well-informed decisions.


Platform companies in which Growthgate Capital invests, assume prudent levels of debt that enable them to fund further growth and safely weather economic downturns. They grow their businesses organically where warranted, and more often, via bolt-on acquisitions to add new business lines or add-on purchases to expand footprint and gain market share on a regional scale.


To cover the wide scope of its exclusive mandate, Growthgate Capital operates from multiple offices in Dubai and Beirut, performing as a single team from several locations. Growthgate Capital's principles and values, foster an environment premised on accountability, performance-based culture, and mutual trust.