September 16, 2011 - IrisGuard Says Future of Security is in Eye of Beholder - The National

The devices have a key job; to scan irises, the coloured part of the eye, so that newcomers are added to a government database and criminals are kept at bay.


Imad Malhas, the chief executive and a co-founder of IrisGuard, the Amman-based technology company behind the iris scanners at Jordan's airports, says the machines may not look pretty but "they do the job".


When IrisGuard first pioneered its iris recognition software for the UAE's airports in 2001, Mr Malhas says the country was trying to stop banned workers trying to return to the Emirates to obtain work illegally. Since then, he says the software has caught 600,000 people attempting to enter the UAE illegally.


He is a staunch advocate of iris scans as the best form of identification. Fingerprints, he says, wear over time or can be damaged. 


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