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The Bella Research Group/Harvard Business School performed an analysis of Growthgate’s performance for the years 2015 and 2016. The findings for 2016 mirror 2015, and demonstrates consistency over the performance of Growthgate compared to peers.

In 2016, Growthgate’s Multiple of Invested Capital (“MoIC”) exceeded all relevant median benchmarks. In terms of IRR, Growthgate’s returns exceeded all median benchmarks except Preqin’s Global PE benchmark. For public market benchmarks, Growthgate’s returns substantially outperformed several relevant emerging market (“EMs”) benchmarks.

The report found that overall, Growthgate’s returns rank among the top 25% of PE funds in terms of MoIC, and above median in terms of IRR for the second consecutive year. Growthgate’s returns have additionally outperformed relevant global and EMs public indices. In more details Growthgate outperformed by:


over the MSCI Arabian Markets


over the MSCI EM


over the Russel EM Index


over the Russel EM Index


over the Russel Global Index

The below graphs demonstrate Growthgate’s outperformance in more details:

bella Research 1
bella Research 2

*Based on Performance Review Report prepared by the Harvard Business School and Bella Research Group as an independent assessment of Growthgate Capital’s performance as of 31 December 2017 PE Benchmark with respect to Multiple of Invested Capital: Global PE/VC (State Street), Global PE (Preqin), Global Growth PE (Preqin), Global except U.S. Developed Markets PE/VC (Cambridge), Global except U.S. PE/VC (State Street), Global except U.S. Buyout and Growth PE (Cambridge), Global except U.S. and Europe PE/VC (State Street), Emerging Markets PE/VC (Cambridge), Emerging Markets PE (Preqin)