April 20, 2015 - Growthgate Capital fully merits the 2015 Best MENA Mid-Market Private Equity House GCC

Growthgate Capital Corporation was awarded by CFI.co (Capital Finance International) as the Best MENA Mid-Market Private Equity House this year. The firm's buy-and-build strategy aims to empower mid-market companies to smash the glass ceiling and attain their true potential as regional leaders. Growthgate Capital not only provides selected companies with the funds necessary for their breakout, the firm also helps with expertise that ensures optimum operational efficiencies are reached and maintained.


CFI.co, a print journal and online resource reporting on business, economics and finance is thoroughly impressed by the straightforward and pragmatic approach Growthgate Capital has developed by leveraging its regional knowledge and experience.


Growthagte Capital was established in 2007 by a group of partners that included seasoned corporate financiers and investment bankers with a solid track record of deals (in excess of $6 bln) including competed IPOs, M&As and privatizations throughout the MENA region. To that end the founders solicited the participation of less than 20 shareholders including State-­owned banks, pension funds and single-family offices from the MENA region, who contributed $200m in permanent capital. The mission of the firm is to participate via direct equity in mid-market companies located principally in the GCC and other select markets of the MENA region. The firm follows a 'buy & build' strategy that centers on investing growth equity capital into profitable companies with the aim of turning local success firms into regional champions.


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