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Varouj Nerguizian

Varouj Nerguizian


Mr. Nerguizian started his professional career in 1972 with Bank G. Trad-Credit Lyonnais Beirut, followed by a move to Bank of Sharjah – UAE in 1977, an affiliate of Banque Paribas.

A member of Banque Paribas International staff, Mr. Nerguizian was appointed as General Manager of Bank of Sharjah in January 1, 1992.

Currently Executive Director and General Manager of Bank of Sharjah, Mr. Nerguizian was instrumental in the growth of the Bank, its success and promotion not only in the UAE but in the Region. In 2007 he completed the acquisition by Bank of Sharjah of Banque de la Bekaa SAL restyled Emirates Lebanon Bank SAL and was appointed as Chairman and General Manager of the new Lebanese Bank.

In 2008 he successfully completed the acquisition of the operations of BNPI in Lebanon through Emirates Lebanon Bank SAL consolidating the presence of Bank of Sharjah in the region.

Mr. Nerguizian’s footprint reached other industries; mainly the Oil and Gas, Steel, Insurance and Education. He is on the Board of Directors of Dana Gas Sharjah, and currently Chairman of its Audit and Compliance Committee. He acts also as Executive Director of some of the Bank’s Subsidiaries.

After serving as member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lycée Georges Pompidou for 12 years, Mr. Nerguizian as Chairman led in 2003 the team that established the Lebanese Educational Fund SA and the Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé in Dubai, a nonprofit private school that serves the educational needs of the Lebanese Community in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Mr. Nerguizian graduated from Université St. Joseph-Beirut (Université of Lyon Lumière-France) in Economics.